Just A City Girl – Fishing With Captain Dan Shannon

Details: Written by Captain Dan Shannon

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She said she was just a city girl and would just watch as we fished the waters around Cedar Key Florida on Monday March 5th. Jackie had never fished before. There were 5 of us onboard my 24ft. pontoon boat as we headed out that morning to fish for speckled trout and redfish and I thought we might run into a few mackerel also. It’s pretty early in the season for macks, but its’ been so warm here and the water temperature has been up to 75 degrees F already this year, so maybe the mackerel are schooling as they do each year when the water warms up. All the regular species are here now. We’re having an early spring season this year and fishing has kicked off real good.
Rhonda and Randy and Jackie and her husband Gary and I turned out of the channel and over a shallow spot, 3 to 4ft deep, and began fishing. We tossed out fresh shrimp hanging on leaders 18in. long from floats and let the bait waft among the grass down below where the trout are usually eating the small critters there. I had to show the city girl how to cast her line and hold her rod. Rhonda and Randy quickly caught 2 trout there, but they were too small, so we released them. Then Jackie’s rod started to bend, and the line pulled taught, then the reel drag screeched a little bit. The city girl had something big on and she was pretty excited. I told her to choke up on the handle a little bit and maybe she should stand up. That fish had Jackie moving back and forth and all around the boat as the rest of us yelled out advice as to how she should everything. We had to pull all lines in so as not to get all tangled up and help out where each of us could while that big fish pulled Jackie around. Finally, the fish tired and we were able to pull it alongside where I could net it up and onto the boat. The 1st pic is of the city girl with her husband Gary behind her and holding up a 40 lb. Drum. He was a hands width longer than my 30in. fish measuring tray. It took us all about 20 minutes to reel him in.

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After that we moved up close to an island and fished a small edge to another channel and picked up 1 big mackerel there. Guess who cranked that one in? There she is, the city girl with a big Spanish mackerel. A beautiful, very fast traveling fish with gold spots over silver skin and very toothy. At our last spot Randy caught a 19.5in. redfish next to an oyster bar where redfish feed on all the critters living amongst the oysters.
Back at the dock I filleted trout and redfish and one big mackerel for my folks and they went home with a fine batch of fresh fish for dinner. The fishing has ‘busted out all over’ here in Cedar Key Florida. I fish up close and shallow on my pontoon boat and could fit you and your group in to fish on a nice day with light winds and clear skies. It’s already warm enough. Call me and arrange a trip and go do it.  Thanks, Capt. Dan.
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 RandyRedfish 0458xe
 Call me at 352-221-5463 and let’s go fishing.
 Thanks, Capt. Dan 
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