Details: Written by Gene Benedict, Published September 9, 1998

  by Gene Benedict
  August 30, 2017

We were on our way up the East Coast from Jacksonville to the Eastern shore of Virginia stopping as we went and remembering things past on the way.   The trip, the process, was the intent, not getting there, as we had no destination in mind, just go, do, and experience.  And remember.

A couple of years back we had a similar intent, to spend a few weeks traveling up from Cedar Key to the Midwest, through the places that helped me get to what I now am, so Anne could catch a glimpse of my past.

Neither intent came to pass. A couple of years back, we ended up spending some time in southern Indiana with family and friends.  One day again, in another year, at another time, we’ll make that journey that we planned for some time through the Midwest.  And again, at another time in another year, we’ll make the trip up the East Coast that we thought we would make this year.

The trip this year didn’t happen.  As many of you know, my mom is ill.  My dad fortunately has been healthy and has been doing a lot at their home so that life could be as normal as that can be.  Anne and I have been right there when we could, and certainly when asked, to be with Mom and to give Dad some breathing room to relax, play golf, to bowl, or do whatever.

Several days back in a routine physical exam, Dad found out he had a nearly complete blockage in a carotid artery.  We rose to the occasion. You rise to the occasion when the occasion calls.  Dad had tests and then an emergency surgical operation.  Some things can’t wait.  That couldn’t.  We were there.

The surgery went well.  And Dad is again at home.  And Mom is getting better, ever so slowly, but none-the-less, Mom is getting better.

And Anne and I are back in Cedar Key.  What a relief you get when you swing out from the scrub forest and to the open marsh as you approach No. 4 Bridge.  How good it feels to be home, to sleep in your own bed, to shower and bathe there and to brush your teeth at home.

So for a while, for the time being, for as long as it takes, here we are a few miles from Dunnellon, a few short miles from Mom and Dad.  And where on a moment’s notice, we can get in touch and we can be there.  Just as they have for me so many, many, times in the past.

So for a while that trip up the East Coast through Beaufort and the Outer Banks of Carolina can wait, there is time for that.  And we have time.  Lot of it.  So, another time in another year, we will take our trip up the East Coast.

Besides all of that, we are not here in another time in another year. We are here, and I need to be out here looking for Trouble in Cedar Key.

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