Flea Facts

Since we are a pet friendly motel we thought this information would be helpful to our guests traveling with their pets.

10 Frightening Flea Facts
1. For every adult flea you see, there are 19 more in various stages of development in your home.
2. Fleas cause tapeworm and anemia, and an untreated flea infestation can quickly lead to a very sick pet.
3. Many over-the-counter (and often inexpensive) flea control products sold at big box retailers have been implicated in animal deaths. Always buy from somewhere you trust, consult your vet and use as directed.
4. Fleas will happily bite humans, though animals are usually their first choice of snack.
5. Fleas can easily infest your car.
6. The cleanliness of your home is not a factor in flea infestations. Immaculate homes can easily become overrun.
7. When vacuuming to remove flea larvae and eggs, be sure to empty the bag outside your home after each cleaning to prevent reinfestation.
8. Fleas can enter your home by hitching a ride on your clothes.
9. In warmer climates, flea prevention is a year-round concern.
10. For the safety of your pet, always use flea treatments as directed and consult your veterinarian prior to use. Many flea treatments are species-specific and can harm other animals in your home.

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