January Art Opening at Cedar Key Arts Center



January 7th, 2016

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Michael Buchanan is a Georgia-based artist specializing in the rustic, rural and oceanfront scenes of the South. The vibrant colors and gentle rhythms of the South show in his acrylic works. Several Southeastern galleries represent Buchanan and his paintings are in homes across the nation. His work has also been featured in folk art festivals as well as the Trinity School Artist Market. Through his art, he reveals his thoughts on creativity—“We are all creative. Each of us must find a way to let our voice be heard. My painting and writing reveal what is important to me, whether it’s a place, a time, or a way of life.”

Buchanan is also the co-author of novels and screenplays. The Fat Boy Chronicles has been read and seen by millions around the world. Buchanan is the lead writer for Spiral Bound (2014), a feature documentary about the importance of the arts for our children, our communities and our nation, and for Nature Matters (2016), a documentary about the value of nature for our overall well-being. Buchanan is a frequent speaker in schools, and at conferences, about issues raised in The Fat Boy Chronicles, specifically, bullying and childhood obesity.

The CKAC is working with Mr. Buchanan to present a community film night featuring one of Buchanan’s critically acclaimed films. Visit: http://www.soqueartworks.com/artists/item/michael-buchanan-painting.html 

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