Faraway Inn Rebuild Progress After Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Hermine damages and destroys 7 of 12 mom and pop cottage / motel units at Faraway Inn.

At two o’clock am on September 2, 2016 a fierce 10 foot high surge hit beautiful Cedar Key, Florida leaving much devastation in its wake. A 10 foot ocean surge was caused by Hurricane Hermine. Locals can not remember such a storm happening in their lifetime of 86 years. 1896 was the last storm of this magnitude and ferosity to do the damage it did on September 2, 2016.

Because of all the amazing volunteers who helped in so many way we were able to make considerably progress at Faraway Inn. There were folks removing the recyclable wood, plastics, seaweed and damaged appliances, mattresses, etc. Thank you to our City of Cedar Key for arrangeing the extended debris removel time we all had.

Still awaiting structural engineer to look at Cottage 1, Capt’s Quarters, Gulf View 10, 11 and 12.  Can not move forward until engineer inspects.

Insurance company sent checks to get through a month. Can not deposit checks because Capital City Bank (mortgage holder) will only allow us to escrow them.


After Hurrican Hermine September 2, 2016 before clean-up began. Area behind Cottage 4 and outside Efficiency Room 5.


Front entrance and courtyard area before garden clean-up after Hurricane Hermine September 2, 2016.


Destruction after Hurricane Hermine September 2, 2016. This was Third Street.


After clean-up from Hurricane Hermine. Area alongside and behind Efficiency 5.


After Hurricane Hermine clean-up. Front court yard area leading to officr and the boat shed.


Amazing transformation of what the boat pond looked like after Hurricane Hermine. This transformation was all because of Kelly West. This particular clean-up was very unpleasant, thank you very much Kelly for putting your heart and soul and back into this.


Faraway Inn court yard area after Hurricane Hermine clean-up and much TLC. Thank you to Kelly, Shely, Richard


Faraway Inn leading up to the office in the courtyard area after Hurricane Hermine clean-up. This was all made possible because of the volunteers helping us, because of Kelly West, Shely, Richard, Mark, Shawna Fenton, Jamie Naff. Thank you all so much!

Photographs posted are before garden clean-up and after garden clean-up. Faraway Inn gardens are looking pretty again thanks to Kelly West, Shely, Richard and Mark.

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