Cedar Key News

Details: Written by CEDAR KEYS AUDUBON, DEBORAH ANDERSON – Published: 26 June 2016


Most of you have heard about the Cedar Keys Audubon Chapter’s work with University of Florida/Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences to create the Cedar Key Bird Rescue.  The chapter will have its first training workshop in late July to learn how to respond to birds in need and how to give them immediate aid and transport them to rescue centers.

To set up the training workshop, Cedar Keys Audubon is asking that the community donate several items for “kits” to help save the birds.  You may purchase these items either at Walmart, Marina Hardware, or wherever you find them. Cash donations are also welcome.   Checks may be made out to Cedar Keys Audubon Society.

The Cedar Key Bird Rescue effort will need the following:

  • Two or more dry bags; $12.07 at Walmart; also available at Marina Hardware
  • Towels, sheets, pillow cases; used will be fine
  • One  or more small first aid kits;  $6.35 at Walmart
  • Two pair wire cutters and or dike cutters; $13.47 at Walmart; 15.00 at Marina Hardware
  • Four pair leather gloves; two medium and two large;  from 5.99-12.99 at Walmart; also available at Marina Hardware
  •  Four or more safety glasses;           $6.20  Walmart and Marina Hardware
  • Two large telescoping dip nets, taj or hedy; approximately 50.00 to 100.00;  must have a strong and long handle and telescope, if possible
  • Two dog crates, preferably molded plastic;    one medium and one large;   $40-80 at Walmart; used will be  fine


Please, provide Cedar Keys Audubon with the name of your business or your name if you are a private donor for our brochure.

Deborah Anderson will arrange to pick up items from you at an agreed upon time.  Please, call her at 615 337-3213.  She usually answers but if not, please, leave a message for a call back.

These are exciting times for bird lovers and we think other communities will follow our lead
when they see how well trained we are and how many birds we rescue!
Thank you!
Deborah Anderson
Thank you for helping us rescue lovely Cedar Key Birds!


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