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In recognition of the 100th year of the International Migratory Bird Treaty and the important work being done to conserve migratory birds, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Wildlife Viewing and Nature Tourism Working group created this International Blog Project. Its goals are to share the amazing migration stories of the birds that enrich our world. We also hope to convey how it takes many countries and all of us working together to conserve the billions of birds with which we share the world. After all birds don’t recognize human borders.

With this project we will focus on the wonderful warblers so many of us enjoy. These birds will serve as diminutive ambassadors for all their fellows that wend their way from Florida to Canada and back. As you follow the blogs you will find out more about them, conservation efforts on their behalf and places to explore and see them.

Much of our rich wildlife heritage would have been lost without the visionary leadership that established the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Thanks to them and to all who work to conserve North America’s lands, water and wildlife for us all.

We hope you will enjoy this first international blog project and will join us in the fall for the southern migration.

 One Sky Our Birds 

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