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NCBS bldg st xe

The pictures above and below are computer generated images that show what the Nature Coast Biological Station building will look like from both the street and water views.
A presentation to the Cedar Key Historical Review Board will be held on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 2pm to discuss this project and request a Certificate of Appropriateness. All interested persons are urged to attend.
The new lab building will be built where the existing two story motel building now stands. The existing building to the west, that now contains motel rooms will remain and the interior will be renovated to provide dorm space.
The new building will include:
  • a wet lab space on the ground level that will be used for a range of research projects in the region.
  • a public education space that will give overviews and updates on the science that is ongoing in the region.  Our plan is to have this open during business hours and on many weekends, so the public can access the facility and learn about the work going on at NCBS.
  • the upper two levels will include office space, a classroom for workshops and courses, a small kitchen, and meeting space.
NCBS bdg wtr xe

For background on mission of the Nature Coast Biological Station and a summary of UF/IFAS history of research in the region, see NCBS web site


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