Faraway Inn fully supports Conservation Corner and the Community Garden in Progress

At the Faraway Inn we have herb gardens, outdoor local art work and history of the island in art form.


 conservation corner
Cedar Key is going to have a Community Garden; work has already been started on the site.  At the Garden Club meeting on November 9th, the membership overwhelming showed support for THE suggestion that was made: to establish a Community Garden.  This was due to the fact that a parcel of land, which is 50′ x 100′, was offered, on a long-term basis, to establish a Community Garden.  The lot is located on Second Street and goes to Third Street.

The Garden Club set up the Community Garden Committee to raise funding, establish and build the Garden, and to oversee bed rentals and the Garden in general.  The Committee arranged a work party on December 9th, and about 25 people showed up ready to work and a lot was accomplished.  It is only in its beginning stages, but take the time to see what the Community Garden looks like now.  Drop by and look.  The goal is to have the Garden established, renting beds and growing vegetables, etc., by the end of February, 2016.

So how will this Community Garden work?  If funding allows, the garden will be comprised of table-top height beds, which will be filled with compost, so that folks with flexibility issues can still garden.  If funding comes up short, there will be beds on the ground with seven inches of compost and mulched walk ways in between the beds.

Once established, individuals, businesses, and civic groups can rent the beds and grow whatever they decide to grow.  Yearly rental fees will be $50 for a 4′ x 10′ table top bed and $$25 for a 4′ x 5′ bed.  Beds on the ground will be less expensive.  There already is water on site for irrigation.

The Garden will have a wide variety of vegetables and flowers, trellises, benches, and art throughout.  It will be beautiful, edible, educational, and a real asset to our community. When working at the Garden site, tourists walking by always comment how cool it is that there will be a Community Garden here and how it fits in perfectly with our City.  Once established, the Garden will be sustainable, bed rentals will cover any yearly expenses.

The most important word in the Cedar Key Community Garden is the word community.  This is an opportunity for our City to come together and support the Community Garden in whatever way that you can.   Simply put, we could use some help weather it is with funding or you coming out to a work party, or both, to get this Garden growing.  Any level of funding will be appreciated.   If you donate $250 or more, you can have a plaque installed on a table-top height bed saying donated by, in memory of, or about whatever you want.  It will be a long-term way to express your community spirit, promote your business, or to remember a loved one. This Garden project will help to nurture the sense of community that we all cherish and provides you with any opportunity to help grow the sense of community in yourself and the larger community. Going around town talking to people, there is real support to have a Community Garden and think that it will be a real plus to our town.
The next work party will be scheduled soon.  Bring some shovels, pruners, loppers, work gloves, and smiles. If you have some plants that you want to donate, bring them with you or drop them off a day or two ahead of time. Once again, lunch will be provided.
The Community Garden Committee is very willing to do the work establishing the Garden, but we need funding to make that happen.  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, which would be greatly appreciated, please make your check payable to CKGC Community Garden Fund and mail it to  the Cedar Key Garden Club, Post Office Box 212, Cedar Key, Fl., 32625.  Thank you for your generosity and I look forward to seeing you in the Cedar Key Community Garden.  If you have any questions or would like to rent a grow bed, please call me at 540-392-5969.
Tom Deverin
Community Garden Project Leader
Copyright © by Tom Deverin – 2016 January 9

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