Handmade Wooden Kayak – Silent Auction

NOV 4 Handmade Kayak

Handmade Wooden Kayak Silent Auction

This exquisite handmade African mahogany kayak was recently built by Cliff Tweedale of

Park Rapids, MN who has generously donated it to the Cedar Key Arts Center to help raise

funds for the new addition which will start construction in early November 2015. The Arts

Center will host a Silent Auction between now and December 20, 2015 in association with its

November-December Rock the Boat exhibit which opens Saturday, Nov 14, 5pm.

Cliff and his wife, Joan, first came to Cedar Key two years ago with two of their own

handmade kayaks on the top of their car. They both fell in love with the estuarial waters of

Cedar Key where their slim kayaks slipped through narrow inlets and over shallow waters

with ease. The kayak, pictured above, is the 6th that Cliff has constructed. It is 17 feet long,

weighs only 39 pounds and a padded seat and backrest are included. The Greenland design

with hard chine makes it both stable and easily maneuverable. The kayak, a piece of art in

and of itself, is decorated with a wooden on lay of a sea turtle (below) adding to its

uniqueness and beauty.

The kayak is on display on the upstairs deck of the Cedar Key Arts Center. Bids will be

accepted by email (cedarkeyartcenter@gmail.com) or may be placed in the Bidding Box at

the Arts Center. Starting bid $1000, minimum raise $25. The “I WANT IT NOW” OPTION is

available immediately for $2000 for which the purchaser will also receive a Lifetime

Membership to the CKAC for their generous support of the Building Fund initiative.

Questions: contact Bev (352-543-0362) or Donna (352-493-1807).

Remember Christmas is just around the corner and part of your contribution will be tax-
deductible. We hope that you find that this gorgeous piece of functional artwork






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