After the Rain by: Captain Dan Shannon

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 After the Rain
Captain Dan Shannon
22 August 2015
I finally got to get out on the waters around Cedar Key Florida and get some fishing in. It has rained so much here that I’ve had to cancel many trips. Yesterday the 21st of August I took 4 men from the Villages retirement community out fishing around some of these islands here in Cedar Key.
It was high tide at 6am and we started fishing at 8:15. The current was swift up against a large oyster bed at Seahorse Key as we laid down big shrimp on the bottom at its edge. Just a few seconds went by when Tom and Dave both were struggling with their poles and fish on the end of their lines. They had redfish on and managed to bring them alongside where I could net them up. Both of ’em were an inch too small, (under 18″), so I released them back into their world to grow some more. While the guys up front were re-baiting, the guys at the stern caught two large plump Mangrove snappers. They are beautiful and delightful table fare. I don’t catch them often. We ended up with three Mangroves there at that spot and then moved out past North Key and off to the side of the deep channel there.
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 I was hoping to find some trout in the grass there and we did catch some undersize fish. A speckled trout has to be 15″ minimum to keep. What we did catch and place in the cooler were Mackerel and Pompano. Ron caught a real nice Pompano at 16″.  We slid up to another oyster bar where Dave from Wisconsin caught a black Drum. This fish was 18″ long so I placed him in the cooler for cleaning back at the dock. A large Drum is full of parasites and undesirable for eating. I was hoping the small fish would be free of worms and taste like Redfish.
 pompanomore aug 002xeHere is a pic of the great fish these guys took home with them to eat. I had already cleaned a 20″ Mackerel and one more Mangrove snapper. That small Black Drum did not have a single parasite in it’ fillet so they got to eat that too. Mangrove snapper, Mackerel, Pompano, and a little Drum. What a fine batch of fresh seafood to take home. I envied them their dinner of the choicest fish. On the trip the previous day, Tally from Colorado caught her 1st Redfish ever. What a nice fish it was. Twenty five inches of big Red. I fileted that for them too. And on that same trip Joanne snatched up a nice Speckled Trout measuring 21 inches.
I’m so glad the rain has let up and we can go fishing again. September is coming up and the water temp will be falling a little and the fish will be swarming all over theses keys here in Cedar Key Florida.
If you want to catch your own and have a great time at it, call me at 352-221-5463 and we’ll choose a good day and go out and do it.
Thanks, Capt. Dan

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