How Faraway Inn Promotional Items Will Travel

This is a great email we received at

I just thought you’d have some fun with this.  I received one of your green lighters today from a local thrift store.  It was in a small bag of merchandise “what-not’s” that had something in it that I wanted and got your lighter in the deal.  Anyway, if you’re in or near the Florida Key’s, then this little lighter went almost as far as it could go and still be in the lower 48 states!  I’m in Vancouver, Washington (near Portland, Oregon).  I’d say it was money well spent (miles wise, that is)!

Take Care!
(aka Mike Tuhey)
Not only was this a long distance journey for a lighter, but also a slow one. We have not distributed imprinted lighters since they did away with smoking in bars and restaurants in Florida 12 years ago. I can only imagine how this lighter made it to Washington. Might make a good short story!
Thank you very much MET for taking the time to contact us about your “find”. If you ever travel to Florida, bring the lighter and we’ll swap it for a couple of nights stay. That way it will have made a very long round trip journey.
Is it ok with you if we share this story on our website or on facebook?
Share to your hearts content, and I might just take you up on the overnight stay someday!


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