History – Cedar Key Civil Service Reform Cartoon 1873

CK Civil Service Reform 1873 (2)

U.S.G (to Civil Service Reformers) – “Gentlemen, I shall, of course, follow your advice and appoint Mr. Welford as Collector at Cedar Keys, Florida, because as you say, he has been Deputy Collector in the place for years, knows his business, and has been found honest. As the most competent man, he will be appointed.” [Exit Civil Service Reformers. Party Delegates from Florida – “Look here, Mr. President, that man Welford is no politician; he don’t use his patronage for the good of the Party. You must take our man, or you won’t get the Third Term.”

U.S.G. – “You don’t suppose I meant those Civil Service Fellows to have it all their own way, do you? I only promised them, because they are respectable, you know. They have got the shell; but you can hate the chicken.”

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