Trouble in Cedar Key
by Gene Benedict
 Fall, Winter, and the Holidays

Sometime back, we witnessed the fall and the transition to winter, even a preview of the winter itself.  Seasons correspond more to weather and natural changes than to dates on the calendar.

We really have been in the wintertime for several weeks. We have no way of knowing how long winter will last. The weather has been cold for quite sometime. Fall leaves with their bright colors came early. The hardwoods have pretty much shed their leaves as have the cypress. The coastal oaks are still green but they are thinning noticeably.

We just passed the time when gum trees have darkened considerably. We had a number of cold, windy days. Fogs have been passing through for some weeks. Cold, misty days are here. We haven’t experienced many sunny days lately.

Winter officially starts around December 21. By the calendar, we just entered that period called winter. The shortest day of the year has past as has the longest night.

Many of us know that winter started many weeks ago. Does this mean that spring is not that far away?

One thing for sure, the holiday season really started before Thanksgiving, and we are still in Season. We will remain there for some time. This time of year, there are a number of holidays, many of them religious.

The grey, drabness of the fog joins winds in the pines and the palms. Sounds of the gentle rain collected by the leaves fall on the green. Cars going by on the wet pavement, the tires unzipping from the roadway, contrast with sound from the holiday music. Voices, instruments and holiday music make a festive mood.

Notice the colors that emanate from decorations both inside and out. It is nearly possible to turn these colors into smells and tastes associated with the cookies with green, red and others. And experience the colors of beets and cranberries, nuts, sweet potatoes, breads.

And see, smell and taste the colors of, turkey, pumpkin pie, chocolates, cheeses, casseroles, and salads. And add the smells, the candles and textures of oranges, apples, pineapples, shredded coconuts. Mix all of these seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing, feeling festive.

And then again think of the hazy, rainy, foggy, greyness and know that as the winter goes on, these things will change and the outside will get brighter and the stars and the moon and the planets will contrast against a black sky.

And another year will be upon us. Notice. Use all your senses to observe this coming year. Blend the colors and the taste and feel and smell, and experience this year as you have not done before.

Celebrate life and become one with it.


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