Faraway Inn New Photos of Cottages 1, 2 and 3

Faraway Inn was built back in the late 1940’s and was built on the original site of the Eagle Pencil Cedar Mill. When you stay at Faraway Inn we promise to give you the best care that we can. We want your stay to be pleasant, friendly, memorable and most of all we want you to come back again. I will be posting new photos of our other units over the next few days.

wpid-wp-1418540104417.jpeg c1_MG_0742 c1_MG_0746 c1_MG_0750 c1_MG_0752 c1_MG_0756 c1_MG_0759 c1_MG_0765c3_MG_0789c3_MG_0792c3_MG_0794c3_MG_0798c3_MG_0801c3_MG_0804c3_MG_0810

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