Help us Support our Cedar Key Volunteer Trap Neuter Return

Faraway Inn support and the owner volunteer their time and much funding to support Trap Neuter Return on the Island of Cedar Key. Since October 2006 Faraway Inn owners have had 951 island cats humanely put through Trap Neuter Return receiving much help from Sheltering Hands of Williston, Florida. Please help support Sheltering Hands when you order from Amazon. Every bit helps to neuter and spay. TNR is an ongoing process and your financial assistance is always appreciated.

Cost Nothing to Join and if you are going to purchase from Amazon anyway why not do an extra good deed for a great small community cause.

Shopping at Amazon?

You can support Sheltering Hands every time you shop at
Just click on the link below-
Sheltering Hands Amazon Smile page
When you get to the Amazon Smile page, it will ask for your log in info and from then on, until you decide to change your designated charity, purchases made at Amazon will earn Sheltering Hands .05% credit. This costs you NOTHING! You will pay the same price at Amazon Smile as you would at the regular site. The donations are automatically credited to Sheltering Hands. You do not need to do anything. All the features of your regular Amazon account carry forward, including your wish lists, addresses, etc.Please consider logging on to our special Amazon site to help our kitties this holiday season and throughout the year. Every dollar goes directly to help cats in our local area.
Thank you for your compassion. Happy Holidays!

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