Faraway Inn To Host The Muttman To Benefit Cedar Key Volunteer TNR Program

.Faraway Inn is seeking to host the famous Muttman

If you are interested please contact me at http://www.farawayinn.com so we can schedule a date and make sure you get registered.


Stacy Moore a.k.a. The Muttman presents a three hour seminar on how to communicate with your dog.  K9Impossible will cover subjects such as what drives a dog and how to access these drives while being mindful of a dog’s natural sensitivity to body language  along with some handy tips and much more!

One Lesson to Take Control of Your Dog

In just one lesson you will learn how to apply your “energy” to communicate with your four legged family member—you will learn how to speak dog! I give Private in home lessons and I also hold group training clinics which I give 25% of the proceeds to animal shelters an rescue groups.

By the end of your private in-home lesson your dog will be listening to what you say and doing what you ask of him/her. You will be able to answer your front door without your dog going ballistic. You will be able to properly walk your dog without being pulled or dragged throughout your neighborhood. 

I teach dog psychology and train people how to utilize my theory to access your dogs mind.

Topics that will be discussed:

1. What drives your dog’s mind? “Survival”

2. How do you access your dog’s mind? “Create Eye Contact”

3. How does your energy affect your dog? “Emotions = Energy”

4. The one mistake you must never make with your dog.

5. I will cover three human behaviors that make you the leader of the pack.

By the end of my lesson you will be able to eliminate bad habits and create the behavior you seek.

“Dog whisperer, dog talker, dogologist, whatever you call what he is, people who have tried his method say it works!”  ~Orlando Sentinel

The Muttman will donate 25% to benefit Sheltering Hands, Inc. which will go towards the spay and neuter of Cedar Key feral and stray cats.

1 person, 1 dog – $75.00 
2 people, 1 dog – $100.00 
2 people, 2 dogs – $125.00

Space is limited to the first 10 pre-registered participants and spectators are welcome gratis.
Pre-registration is required to participate in the seminar. If interested contact Muttman directly at: (904) 238-2945 for a free phone consultation and more information or his website – http://www.themuttman.com/ Clinics.html.

Download the flyer: Muttman – K9Impossible Events




You may already know of Stacy Moore and his trained dogs. You may have seen them perform at Disneyland, Disney World, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or The Flamingo Hilton, and Excalibur in Las Vegas. Or, you may have seen one of his television appearances. Over many years, Stacy has developed a very special style and system of canine training. Stacy has over 50 years’ of dog training experience–he trained his first dog, Opie, at the mere age of 6-years-old.

Stacy Moore, and his family, have been producing dog shows for over 50 years. He has produced shows for Disneyland, Disney World, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, major motion pictures, national and international commercials, state and county fairs, sports (NBA, CBA, NFL, and MLB), fundraisers for humane societies and animal shelters. Stacy has worked with, Tony LaRussa, Bob Hope, Jerry Van Dyke, Steve Allan, just to name a few, he even received the Key to the City of Las Vegas.

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