Plan Your Trip Today – So Many Things To Do In Sunny Cedar Key, Florida

Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge
16450 NW 31st Pl.
(352) 493-0238
The term “Keys” comes from the Indian word &“cayo”;, meaning “small island”;. This is a very appropriate term for this unique area! Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge is a group of fragile coastal islands just off the village of Cedar Key, Florida. Established in 1929, Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge contains significant natural and cultural resources from pre-historic and historic times. Today, the Refuge consists of 13 islands ranging in size from 1 to 120 acres, totaling 762 acres. Ancient Indian cultures once used these off-shore islands as camps, later creating living areas – where food from the Gulf was plentiful and readily available. In more recent history, the famous Faber Pencil Mill was located on Atsena Otie Key where its remains can be seen today.


Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge
(352) 493-0238
The Refuge offers recreational and educational activities for everyone. Bird and wildlife observation, wildlife photography, fishing, canoeing, hunting, and interpretive walks are all available.


Airplane Rides at the Cedar Key Airport

(352) 477-0105
See the islands from the air,
noon – 4, Saturdays and Sundays


Cedar Key Historical Society Museum
On the corner of D St. and 2nd.
(352) 543-5549


Seahorse Key (Lighthouse)
The lighthouse station is usually closed to the general public except for four to six weekends each year — Dates are offered by the Florida Lighthouse Association. Please call the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce (352-543-5600) for open tour dates. Vistors’ must provide their own boat transportation.
Shell Mound
(352) 221-4466, (352) 493-0238
Discover an old Indian shell midden as you take the parks short loop hiking trail. As a bonus, you`ll also get a view of a coastal estuary and the Gulf of Mexico. Located on County Road 326 off County Road 347 north of Cedar Key. Camping sites, restrooms and boat ramp also available. 


Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve
Trails to horseback ride with your own horse
Salt marshes on the Gulf of Mexico give way to a succession of swamps, hardwood forests, pine flatwoods and scrub, providing splendid opportunities for nature study and wildlife observation. The scrub is dominated by species such as sand live oak, myrtle oak and Chapman’s oak, along with rusty lyonia and saw palmetto. Hikers and off-road bicyclists who want to experience a mosaic of Florida habitats will find it on the miles of trails that wind through the park. The shallow waters and numerous creeks near the salt marshes are ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Rental canoes and kayaks are available in the city of Cedar Key. For more information on horseback riding trails click on link below and look under Equestrian tab.

Fishing Charter Trips, Outfitters, Nature-Historical Boat Tours, Boats, Canoe, Kayak Rentals and Tours, Golf Cart Rentals, Birding Tours.


Mary Inskeep, Licensed Massage and Spa Therapy
(352) 543-6107

This only begins to touch the surface of things to do in and around Cedar Key… Get-A-Way to Sunny Cedar Key Florida. Experience Cedar Key the best way by staying at our mom and pop motel and cottages “Faraway Inn”

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