Homecoming Parade in Cedar Key Florida

Come and Support Cedar Key Homecoming Parade.

We have all been invited to be part of our hometown homecoming festivities beginning Thursday January 23, 2014 with the Homecoming Parade. The school will have various floats etc & we are encouraged to add to the parade by any means possible – golf carts, trucks, boat trailer, Humvee, bikes, or shoe-leather express – the more the merrier. It was pretty awesome last year & hopefully we can add to it – the parade really means a lot to our student-athletes! Anyone so inclined can stage along G St
between the Beach Front Motel & Faraway Inn Cottages/Motel – once the school floats go past we will fill in behind. The parade starts at 4, so be there by 3:45 – no island-timers!

There will be an old fashion bon fire & pep rally at the school later that evening – some of the clubs will be selling hot dogs & snack items too.

The homecoming games are Friday night – if you have never attended you are missing a treat. It can get crowded so get

there early. You won’t be disappointed – see you there.

Let’s get the spirit of Cedar Key cranked up!

One response to “Homecoming Parade in Cedar Key Florida

  1. Turn out was wonderful, Parade Was Fantastic. Lots of School Spirit! The kids all looked great. Faraway Inn gave out whistles, lighted wands, beaded necklaces, rings, bracelets and key rings.

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