905 Cedar Key Cats Now Spayed/Neutered

Faraway Inn has been involved in a volunteer Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program to spay/neuter feral and stray island cats. We began our volunteer work October 2006 at which time we guestimated 500 cats. We are now up to 905 TNR island cats. Part of the reason for our underestimation is the following:
If you let two cats breed at will — and then allow their offspring to breed at will, these two cats will have 80 million progeny within a decade! This assumes two litters per year and 2.8 surviving kittens per litter. Here are the numbers:

First year: 12
Second year: 66
Third year: 382
Fourth year: 2,201
Fifth year: 12,680
Sixth year: 73,041
Seventh year: 420,715
Eighth year: 2,423,316
Ninth year: 13,968,290
Tenth Year: 80,399,780

Please keep in mind that dropping off (dumping) animals on island is illegal and you will be prosecuted if caught. It is also illegal to poison or purposely harm cats and you will be prosecuted if caught.

Please respect our volunteer efforts and the proven positive humane track record of TNR. Know that when you stay at Faraway Inn you are helping a community for both people and animals. We believe 100% in spaying and neutering your pets or neighborhood strays. We have made our mistakes in the past and have learned just how urgent it is to spay and neuter pets.

The cost to spay/neuter/vaccinate your neighborhood stray/feral cats is only $20. If you would like to contribute and make a tax deductible donation you can make a check out to Sheltering Hands – email: shelteringhands@embarqmail.com
phone (voicemail): 352-817-0663 regular mail: PO Box 843 Williston, FL 32696 (please note on check that donation is for Cedar Key TNR) or you can drop your tax deductible check off (made out to Sheltering Hands) at Faraway Inn and we will send to Sheltering Hands. Not all residents can afford the cost so your donation will go to assist paying for the cats that are in their neighborhoods before they reproduce out of control.

Our recent 1/12/14 TNR cats were from the following neighborhoods of Cedar Key:
Arts Center (Cedar Keyhole) 1 female black
5th and E Street 2 males 1 black and 1 gray long hair (adopted stray)
1st and E Street 2 females 1 smokey gray torti and 1 black (has caregiver volunteer)
Gulf Blvd and Shellcrest 1 female orange (adopted stray)
Before airport bridge 1 female adoptable intense color calico (up for adoption – See Molly at Cedar Key Library)
Clam Shack area 1 male black/white (adopted stray)
6th and E Street 1 male black (adopted stray)

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